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History of the Landesakademie

Start of the classes in late 1989 at the Landesakademie

On 1.9.1990, the Landesakademie für die musizierende Jugend in Baden-Wuerttemberg in the former convent Ochsenhausen was officially commissioned by the then Prime Minister Lothar Späth. Musically, the Landesakademie sees itself as a pedagogical training and further education center for the young musicians in Baden-Wuerttemberg, as well as a center for music education. Parallel to numerous seminars with a pedagogical focus and further education for teachers and educators, the Landesakademie regularly hosts high-caliber and internationally-attended master classes. Together with events such as the international choir festival C.H.O.I.R. or the International Summer Academy of Music ISAM in particular stand the master classes for a good cooperation with professors and artists from Germany, Europe and the USA.

In addition to these offers of the Landesakademie, the institution also presents itself as a further education center for amateur and semi-professional musicians and music ensembles who can book the premises of the Landesakademie for their own purposes.

The building of the Landesakademie
One of the long corridors of the Landesakademie
The Krummbach at the inner courtyard of the Landesakademie
Rehearsal at the Landesakademie
The new cafeteria of the Landesakademie